Spring REST returning PDF - Response status 406 (not acceptable)

Spring REST returning PDF - Response status 406 (not acceptable)

By : ynesterenko
Date : November 22 2020, 02:42 PM
it fixes the issue Basically there is no need to add produces = "application/pdf" in RequestMapping as it seems to try to convert the ResponeBody internally. You can just add MediaType to response headers which is what you need.
code :
@RequestMapping(value = "get/pdf/{id}", headers="Accept=*/*", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public ResponseEntity<InputStreamResource> getPdfContractById(@PathVariable("id") Long id){
        // Get the remove file based on the fileaddress
        RemoteFile remotefile = new RemoteFile(id);

        // Set the input stream
        InputStream inputstream = remotefile.getInputStream();
        // asume that it was a PDF file
        HttpHeaders responseHeaders = new HttpHeaders();
        InputStreamResource inputStreamResource = new InputStreamResource(inputStream);
        // just in case you need to support browsers
        responseHeaders.put("Content-Disposition", Collections.singletonList("attachment; filename=somefile.pdf"))
        return new ResponseEntity<InputStreamResource> (inputStreamResource,

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Spring REST consumption results in HTTP Status 406 - Not Acceptable

Spring REST consumption results in HTTP Status 406 - Not Acceptable

Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix the issue you can do I get this error when i try to consume a REST API: , You're sending an Accept= header instead of an Accept: header.
Yii2 rest api is not returning response code and status

Yii2 rest api is not returning response code and status

By : Jasmine Li
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope that helps I am trying to get (StatusCode) in response of REST api while its just return field name and error message like this , Try that way, it works for me:
Java Spring REST API Status 400 response on POST / PUT

Java Spring REST API Status 400 response on POST / PUT

By : user5473005
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
With these it helps I built a REST API Service using Java Spring Cloud / Boot. Firstly, I made a simple class connected to a MongoDB and a controller with service that should allow me to add, delete, update and get all the objects. When using POSTMAN these all work, however when I want to add or update an object using redux and fetch API I get a status 400 and "bad request" error. This seems to have something to do with the JSON I'm sending in the body but it is the exact same format of JSON that is working with for example POSTMAN. , your error message says :
type=Not Acceptable, status=406 Error In Spring Rest For Producing XML

type=Not Acceptable, status=406 Error In Spring Rest For Producing XML

By : Ashwani
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope this helps I'm working on Spring Rest and in my Spring Rest app, if I try to produce json everything is OK. I can see it on browser. There is no error. , You need to add jackson-dataformat-xml's dependency:
Document response status with Spring REST Docs

Document response status with Spring REST Docs

By : viony veronica
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix this issue The feature you're looking for is not implemented and, in my opinion, it isn't needed.
When you're developing and documentation a RESTful API, you should try to make your API as consistent as possible in how it uses HTTP status codes and you should also use the standard, well-understood meanings of each status. If you follow these two guidelines you can either avoid documenting the status code altogether, or you can document them once in an overview section.
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