How to Keep a Beep sound Playing till Msgbox is closed

How to Keep a Beep sound Playing till Msgbox is closed

By : mj1913
Date : November 22 2020, 02:59 PM
This might help you How to make the Beep Sound start, and Continue repeating till the MsgBox is Closed in VBA Excel? Assume that We have This Code for Example , Try
code :
Do While Msgbox "Invalid text found  . . . . . "

 Do While SomeUserForm.show 

 `Cant think of the correct time script now and Im not at my pc`

 TIME NOW = time + 1


Private Sub ErrorBeep()

    'For ensuring the Toggle Button value is False
    UserForm1.ToggleButton1.Value = False

    'Showing UserForm1
    'Creating the Beep Loop
             'By a ToggleButton you can check the status from your Main Sub or Code
    Do Until UserForm1.ToggleButton1.Value = True

        'Current Time plus 1 second
        Wait1Second = Time + #12:00:01 AM#
        'Do Until current time is greater than the delayed time
        Do Until Wait1Second < Time
            'DoEvents helps the operating system catchup in loops
            'Checking if the Button has been pressed to avoid a delay between the loops to remove the message
            If UserForm1.ToggleButton1.Value = True Then Exit Do

        'Having your beeps
    'Hiding the UserForm when the Toggle Button have been pressed

    'I assume you will want to repeat this Form
    'For next use reset the ToggleButton Value
    UserForm1.ToggleButton1.Value = False
End Sub

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how to replace Windows.Beep with modern beep sound

how to replace Windows.Beep with modern beep sound

By : graham
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
help you fix your problem how to replace Windows.Beep with modern beep sound that comes from speakers with adjustable volume? , Try this one
code :
uses MMSystem;

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
  sndPlaySound(nil, 0); // Stops the sound
beep sound till any input

beep sound till any input

By : Pixy
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix the issue you can do Disclaimer: I'm not a Windows programmer, I don't know if this is good style or even if it will compile or work. I can't test it here. However, as no one else has given a solution, it's a starting point. I'll edit this answer as I learn more, and hopefully someone who knows more about this will turn up.
Edit: I faked out _kbhit() to a trivial function returning false, and it at least compiles and looks like it runs ok
code :
#include <windows.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <ctime>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>

int main()
    time_t startTime, lastBeep, curTime;
    lastBeep = curTime = startTime;
    char input = '\0';

    while ( difftime(curTime,startTime) < 30.0 )
        if ( _kbhit() ) // If there is input, get it and stop.
            input = _getch();
        if ( difftime(curTime,lastBeep) > 1.0 ) // More than a second since last beep?
            std::cout << "\a" << "second\n" << std::flush;
            lastBeep = curTime; // Set last beep to now.
    if ( input )
        std::cout << "You hit: \"" << input << "\"\n" << std::flush;

    return 0;
JS for playing beep sound for notification not working as expected

JS for playing beep sound for notification not working as expected

By : allen7826
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
fixed the issue. Will look into that further I think the problem on your code is this if statement if (existingCount == "") . if your exisitingCount should be an integer you don't have to test this, otherwise whenever your exisitingCount equals to 0 your sound will be played.
But if sometimes you can get an empty string then you can optimise your code and removing the first condition, and parse all the data before you start testing :
code :
        function myFunction() {
            $.get("AjaxServicesNoty.aspx", function (data) {
                var recievedCount = parseInt(data);
                var existingCount = parseInt($("lblEventCount").text());

                if ( recievedCount > existingCount ) {
                    var sound = new Audio("Sound/notificatonSound.wav"); 
                } else {
        setInterval(myFunction, 3000);
Playing Beep sound in background

Playing Beep sound in background

By : David Benz
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you You should start the beep sound right before the messagebox appears. In order not to have too many unused threads you have to abort them in both cases.
Finally I would suggest using a while(true) loop in order to get an endless beep sound.
code :
    public void retry()
        Thread beepThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(PlayBeep));
        beepThread.IsBackground = true;

        if (MessageBox.Show("Item not found", "Alert", MessageBoxButtons.RetryCancel) == DialogResult.Retry)
            Console.Beep(500, 1);

    private void PlayBeep()
           { Console.Beep(500, int.MaxValue); }
Playing the default Beep sound

Playing the default Beep sound

By : Breezy
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you Twilio developer evangelist here.
You can play anything you want by using the verb. So in the example above, you could do the following:
code :
<Say>Enter your answer after the beep.</Say>
<Gather action="/blah"></Gather>
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